Free Natural Health Bundle

What’s included?

Your Free Natural Health Bundle Includes a 7 day Mediterranean Diet Meal Planner with Shopping lists for 21 meals, 5x Recipe Cards, Nutrients for Brain Health Tech Sheet & Natural Mental Health Workbook. Designed by degree qualified accredited Naturopath to support you with evidence based Nutrition information for Mental Health.

Why do I need this?

Research shows that Nutrition is paramount for good mental health. The Mediterranean diet is the most well researched diet in the scientific literature. The Mediterranean Diet demonstrates protection against several chronic disease including depression and anxiety. Let go of the calorie counting and yoyo dieting and establish a solid holistic health plan. Our FREE Natural Health Bundle resources will help get you on track taking the stress out of your relationship with food.

The work book includes goal setting and tracking sheets, self care planning templates, a mindfulness meditation mandala, gratitude diary and more. The Free Bundle is a real world practical kick start to making lasting change to your physical and mental well being. Are you tired of trying to work out what to make for dinner? Stuck in a routine eating the same recipes over and over again? Not getting the health outcomes you are hoping for? Improve your relationship with food with our professionally designed recipes and shopping lists. Take the headache out of meal prep and experience the increased energy that comes from a nutrient dense plant based Mediterranean style diet.

Our resources are professionally designed by our degree qualified accredited Naturopath and Nutritionist. What are you waiting for? Download the FREE bundle today!

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If you are experiencing a Mental Health Crisis contact LifeLine on 13 11 14 – or if you are experiencing an emergency dial 000.