Audio Visual Clinic Policies and Procedures

Online Audio Visual Clinic Policy

Thank you for choosing Moods For Wellness as part of your health care team. Please find details below regarding our Telehealth Clinic Policies and requirements.


Prior to your consultation, please ensure you have provided written consent for us to obtain, use, disclose, record and transmit information. The consent must be in writing (eg. via email) before undertaking any aspect of the online audio-visual consultation and will be kept in your patient/client file. In the event of the online audio-visual consultation involving a person under the age of 18 years, a parent/guardian must be present during the entire consultation. The process of obtaining consent enables the you to be informed of your rights regarding information provided. This consent can be provided when completing your New Patient Form, and by returning this form by email to prior to your appointment.


We use internet antivirus and security software along with other technical security to secure patient confidentiality. Our video consulting software and file transfer uses end to end encryption and high security standards to ensure your information is kept secure. Our policy includes frequent changing of passwords and two factor authentication.


We will ask you to provide your name, address and date of birth. Confirmation of
identity must be verified prior to the consultation. Please provide a copy of your drivers license or passport for this purpose prior to your consultation, this can be emailed to along with your New Patient Form prior to your appointment.


Recordings of online audio-video consultations are not authorised without prior written consent.

Audio-Visual Clinic Details

Practitioner: Jean Martain BHSc Nat ATMS 29994

Location: Glen Innes NSW 2370

Profession: Naturopath

Additional information:

  • The only parties present during the audio-visual consultation will be the patient, any
    support person nominated by the patient/client and the practitioner.
  • Clinical support at the patient-end of an audio-visual consultation may be
    required from a face-to-face practitioner of the patient/client’s own choice firstly,
    or as referred, and this inclusion will be noted in the patient’s/client’s records and referral section of the treatment plan.
  • The process of the online audio-visual consultation includes making an appointment, providing a New Patient Form with consent, Identification and the DASS21 form. The online clinic room can be accessed via the secure link provided in your welcome email. Relevant forms and instructions will provided in the welcome email also.
  • Encrypted secure telehealth software is used for audiovisual consultations via our practice management software Cliniko. No software download or installation is required by the patient, you will receive a link to your virtual consult room in your welcome email.
  • Benefits of telehealth include convenience and accessibility, risks include limited physical assessment. Referrals will be made where necessary to accommodate for this limitation.
  • Patients retain the choice to decline participation in the online audio-visual consultation at any time and the alternatives made available (e.g. referral for face-to-face consultation).
  • Moods For Wellness acknowledgement that in the unlikely event that the patient/client does not wish to continue with the online audio-visual consultation they can end the session, but that consultation fees may still apply.
  • Contingency plans should technology fail or be insufficient during the online audio-visual
    consultation, include a phone call to resume the consultation.
  • The cost of consultations are generally $119/hr excluding any costs associated with testing or prescriptions and postage of prescriptions.
  • Payment at the time of booking is required.
  • The online audio-visual consultation must be conducted in an environment that is sound-proof (e.g. a closed office) to maintain patient confidentiality.
  • All information provided or received before, during and after an online audio-visual consultation and details of all participants involved will be recorded in the patient/client’s file. This information will be documented contemporaneously (during the consultation) in either hard copy or electronically, in accordance with ATMS policies and procedures. High level case-taking is essential for optimal patient/client care.
  • If at any time, the practitioner considers that assessments such as blood pressure measurement or any form of physical examination is required as part of the consultation process, the consultation must be suspended and such examination or assessment carried out face-to-face by a suitably qualified and experienced healthcare practitioner. The results of that examination or assessment can be transmitted to the practitioner in a timely manner and the consultation re-commenced or the patient/client referred to an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner who is able to provide face-to-face clinical services.